General Country Information:  Capital: Budapest  Language: Hungarian  Currency: Forint (HUF)

TRANSPORTATION: I got a budapest card. With this card, you get unlimited travel on public transport, free admission to over 60 museums, and discounts on sightseeing tours and restaurants. HOW GREAT IS THAT?


HOTEL: I'm staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Gresham Palace. It's a super nice hotel with a spa and dining centre. :) I'm also in a suite!

DAY 1                                                                               June 27th

I would say goodmorning but I can only say goodnight! It's about 11:00 p.m. in Budapest! My flight came in so late! So as my first activity in budapest, I will be getting a deep tissue muscle massage. I mean I need it after all the stress I've been going through, right? Haha! I got this luxurious massage for 1 hour. The total price was 34,000.00 HUF. WOW! Good thing that's not dollars! :) Well, it's midnight now so I better get all rested for the first real big day tommorow! Au revoir! (Wait...that's french!)

DAY 2                                                                              June 28th

WHOO! Did that massage ever feel good! I feel like a new person! Today is going to be a simple, yet fun, sightseeing day. For our first stop, we'll be going to one of budapest's most popular attractions, Fisherman's Bastion. There are several towers in this attraction. Each one represents one of the seven tribes that fist came to Hungary. From the top of the highest tower, there was a great view of Budapest. I could even see St.Peters Basilica, which brings us to our next stop. St.Peters Basilica is a gorgeous church with amazing and breath-taking architecture. Inside, there were huge marble sculptures, works of art, chapels, and a panoramic look at Budapest. It was a truly wonderful experience. :) After a long day of sightseeing and touring, I crashed at my suite in my palace. I felt like a princess.

DAY 3                                                                              June 29th

Whoah! We're halfway there! It's morning of day three in the glorious city of Budapest, Hungary. I am sooo pumped because today is a total relaxation day! I've got my bikini on and I'm ready to go swim! I'll be visiting the Szecsenyi bath and spas. I'm sooo excited! There are three different pools of three different temperatures. Believe it or not, the thing to do while bathing chess! I never would've thought. The area was found when drilling for water, and then accindently finding a hot spring. It is the largest bathing center in Europe. Another really cool thing about it is that the minerals in the water help heal some digestive, nervous, gynecological, and dermatological problems and disorders. Isn't that cool? After the best bath I've ever had in my life, I headed off to my next relaxing thing, eating at the ocean grill. I am a HUGE seafood lover, so this restaurant was perfect for me! I had the Lobster Bisque with the creme barcelona for desert. The lobster bisque was fantastic, and had so much flavor. When I got back to my hotel, I got an adorable mani pedi and foot massage. I'm telling you, it doesn't get better than this! This was a great, fun, relaxing day.

DAY 4                                                                              June 30th

Day 4 here I come! I ate a quick breakfast at my hotel this morning, and made my way to Varosliget. Varosliget is the largest Budapest park right behind Heroes Square. Varosliget is not only a park, but a home to numerous attractions. Some of these include the Budapest Zoo, Amusement Park, Vajdahunyad Castle, City Park Lake, and many more! I thought I should go to the zoo since I haven't been to one in forever! Maybe they even have different animals! The budapest zoo was sooo cool! It's one of the oldest zoos in the world, yet by far one of the best! My favorite part of the zoo was the elephant house. I have never seen an elephant in my life before! (Never in person that is.) It was amazing. The Palm Tree House and Aquarium was also pretty cool. I liked all of the fish! There was a Native Hungarian Farm Animals section, and that was really interesting because I have never seen any of these animals in my life. In fact, I've never even heard of half of them! After my great experience at the zoo, I still had time for one more thing. I went to Cafe Vian. It is a cute little hungarian cafe. So I ordered nothing other than the original hungarian goulash! It was amazing! It included secret hungarian spices with tender meat peieces and some vegetables. It really filled me up after my long day at the park and the zoo. :)

DAY 5                                                                                   July 1st

Ohh! It's not only my last day in Hungary but my last day in Europe! :( I will miss all of it! It's 5:00a.m. My flight leaves at 7:10 a.m. and I still have two things to do before I go! For breakfast, I stopped at the hungarian McDonalds,(A.K.A.) Magyaros. I had the Kislango and the Bundaskenyer Falatok. It was...interesting. Haha! Then as I was walking to the metro station, I saw a musician on the side of the street. He was playing the shepards pipe to the tune of Himnusz, Hungary's national anthem. I went up to him, and gave him the 20,000 HUF that I had left. He spoke in hungarian, so I was unable to understand him, but I could tell that he was overjoyed! After doing that, I hopped onto the metro. It lead me to the Airport, where I jumped off, looked around, and said goodbye to Europe. :( I was sad for a moment, but I was still excited that I would get to go home to see my family again. This European vacation was a life-changing experience for me, and I enjoyed it more than you know! America, here I come!